VERSANI isn’t just Jewelry.

Versani is a lifestyle, an experience, a philosophy. Founder and famed jewelry designer ARA has his way of combining strength and beauty into each one of his pieces. Established in 1992, Versani began as a contemporary jewelry company. Nowadays, at Versani you can find innovative combinations of silver, gold, and platinum with wood, leather, semi-precious stones, and diamonds.

Also, there is a wide selection of wedding bands, bracelets, necklaces, rings, cuff links, earrings, and accessories.

Our client service is unmatched, whether it is a jewelry piece or just a smile, everything you get at Versani comes from the heart.

Our retail shops are more like treasure chests, and our staff feels more like a family. Regularly noted as one of the best places to get amazing jewelry for men and women, today’s SoHo headquarter and on-site production supports Ara’s vision: bringing the magic of Versani jewelry to his clientele around the world!

Each collection reflects the juxtaposition that inspires the Versani slogan “Stay Cool Be Strong”.

A modern mix of structure and design, elegant, yet profoundly simple.