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Caring for your VERSANI Jewelry

VERSANI jewelry is handcrafted from the finest .925 Sterling Silver semi-precious composites and man-made materials available, while subscribing to the highest standards of excellence in craftsmanship.

As Sterling Silver is exposed to pollutants in the air, it becomes tarnished and loses its luster.This is a result of the oxidation of metal.Fortunately, by following a few guidelines, caring for your Sterling Silver is relatively simple and will add its beauty and personal value.

Before each wearing, polish your Sterling Silver with a VERSANI polishing cloth.Our polishing cloths are treated with a special jewelers rouge polish, which removes light and does not scratch your jewelry.

For heavier tarnish, we recommend sending in your VERSANI piece to our production team or stopping in at one of our retail locations for complimentary cleaning!

After each wearing, polish and store your Sterling Silver in an airtight compartment or plastic bag to minimize tarnishing.

Put your jewelry on last.Exposing your jewelry to hairspray, cosmetics and perfume can cause spots.In addition, jewelry should be removed before swimming (chlorine), showering, dish-washing, handling bleaches, alcohols or cleaners.

For safety reasons, and to minimize scratching, jewelry should also be removed when participating in yard work, cleaning or sport activities.


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